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XRP Lawsuit Update: Ripple VS SEC Heads for Conclusion?

The ongoing legal battle between the Ripple crypto exchange and the US Security Exchange Commission is heading for a definite ending.

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XRP Lawsuit Update: Ripple VS SEC Heads for Conclusion? 3

The legal battle between Ripple and the SEC is nearing its end, with a final court decision awaited. While Ripple is fighting to keep some financial details private, the court might make some public. Interestingly, the price of XRP (Ripple’s digital currency) has remained stable between 48 and 57 cents for the past month, despite the ongoing lawsuit. Looking ahead, experts predict a potential price surge for this altcoin. This optimism stems from Ripple’s CEO’s confidence in a new XRP investment fund, along with the general hype surrounding new Bitcoin and Ethereum investment options emerging in the US.

XRP Lawsuit Update: What will the court decide?

Despite the effort by Ripple to seal confidential documents, the court may give the permit to unseal some financial documents. The graph of this altcoin seems to not be affected by any decision. Now both parties waiting for the decision of the court on the selling it to institutional investors.

XRP Lawsuit Update: Trading range of XRP coin

Earlier, a lawsuit set the price for the altcoin. But in July 2023 XRP refused to break the mark of $1. To prove if a lawsuit is completely seized then more investors would be interested.
In the past month, the coin has been trading in a narrow range from a minimum of $0.4879 to a maximum of $0.5688. Each day it traded for $0.5114, down by 1.33%. If this continues unexpected twist in the Ripple and SEC case will lead to the further drop of coin.

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XRP Lawsuit Update: Price & ETF Expectations

It is expected by many analysts that the breakout of this altcoin’s price is certain to happen at some time. Even in the long term, many stimulate this breakout.
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse is highly confident in its ETF. This is also an expected spot in the US by the SEC. Many crypto industry leaders assume that XRP and Solana will also secure the related products with the evolution of spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF.

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