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Whale Moves 333M XRP Coins Shaking Crypto Market

A whale has moved a colossal amount, 333 million XRP coins stirring excitement amongst XRP investors. This move is speculated due to the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit in the crypto world.

XRP whale
Whale Moves 333M XRP Coins Shaking Crypto Market 2

XRP has been sluggish lately, but today’s whale movement has stirred excitement amongst XRP investors. The whale transferred 333 million XRP coins, coinciding with a crucial date in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit.

XRP Whale’s Movement

On-chain data shows that a staggering 333 million coins were transferred in a few trades over the past 24 hours. The trade involved a whale who moved 333 million XRP to Bitstamp. This whale’s crypto coin transfers to Bitstamp and Bitso have become somewhat regular after Ripple acquired a stake in the exchange.

On the other hand, a mysterious address snapped up a whopping 250 million XRP from Coincheck, a Japanese exchange.

In addition to other activity, an unknown entity received 50 million coins from Ripple. This large trade and other big movements have sparked discussion, particularly as the Ripple vs. SEC case progresses. Legal documents from both sides are due today.

XRP Price Dips Amid Bullish Signs?

The coin’s price has dipped slightly, but there’s optimism about a potential upswing. Crypto analyst Dark Defender predicts a positive trend for this coin, citing the XRP/BTC pair reaching a support level and a possible decrease in Bitcoin’s dominance as indicators that investors might be shifting toward this coin.

Will XRP Surge?

Only time will tell if XRP will experience a bull run. The ongoing lawsuit and whale activity add uncertainty to the price movement. However, Dark Defender’s analysis offers a glimmer of hope for the bulls.

Crypto markets are not new to whale movements and colossal movement of coins. Whales have their agenda in doing what they do. Investors are advised to do their own research before investing in any crypto coins.

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