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Tapswap Binance: Is Enlisting Confirmed?

Tapswap Binance: Tap Swap’s coins are poised for listing on Binance and Bybit, offering miners a chance to sell early.

tapswap binance
Tapswap Binance: Is Enlisting Confirmed? 2

The Tap Swap team has enabled pre-listing sales on Binance to avoid post-listing dumps. A special mission offers 3 million shares and $600 Binance vouchers for KYC completion, The $600 voucher aims to bolster community engagement and attract new Binance users. Tap Swap coins may also hit decentralized exchanges like Stone.f on the Ton blockchain, allowing early sales before Binance listing pressures emerge.

Tapswap Binance: Pre-Listing Coin Sales on Binance & User Reward Mission Launch

The Tap Swap team has introduced an alternative method allowing users to sell their coins on Binance prior to the listing, and this proactive approach is designed to lower the risk of losses that could occur if users miss the initial selling window and face the subsequent potential dumping of coins post-listing, and in addition to the listing news, Tap Swap has launched a special mission, promising rewards of 3 million shares and $600 Binance vouchers.

This mission has already commenced on the Tap Swap application, motivating users to register and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process on Tapswap Binance. Successful completion of these steps will result in users receiving a $600 welcome voucher in their Binance app, further encouraging participation and investment in, Tapswap Binance platform.

Tapswap Binance: Profitable Crypto Calls & Strategic $600 Giveaway

Tapswap Binance: The rationale behind the generous $600 voucher giveaway is twofold. For Tap Swap, it’s a strategic move to demonstrate the robustness and engagement of their community to the Binance team. For Binance, it’s an opportunity to acquire a significant volume of new users and transactions, thereby enhancing their market presence.

Tapswap Binance: Conclusion

As the Tap Swap Binance community gears up for the Binance listing, there’s also the possibility of the coins being available on decentralized exchanges like Stone.f, built on the Ton blockchain. This preemptive listing could offer an early selling advantage to users before the potential selling pressure post-Binance listing drives prices down.

While TapSwap project presents exciting opportunities, Crypto investors should proceed with caution. Always Remember, Crypto Market is volatile and before investing do your own research.

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