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Peter Brandt predicts Bitcoin Price Rising to $150,000 by 2025

Peter Brandt, a legendary veteran trader analyses that Bitcoin price (BTC) can lift up to $150,000 before the bull market ends.

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Peter Brandt predicts Bitcoin Price Rising to $150,000 by 2025 3

Veteran trader Peter Brandt believes Bitcoin price could reach $150,000 before the current bull market ends. He uses historical bull market cycles and a consistent timetable for halving events and market highs. However, he acknowledges that the market may have already included in this cycle and warns of “exponential decay” situations.

Brandt in his new post says

“The number of weeks from the start of each bull market cycle (the low following a 75%-plus decline) to the halving dates has been almost equal to the number of weeks from the halving dates to the subsequent bull market highs”.

-Peter Brandt

Bitcoin Price: Timeline for bull market expiration

Since the timeline of each bull cycle is roughly the same since 2012, Brandt predicts that the current bull market will expire in August or September 2025, if Bitcoin continues to follow the same path.

Brandt tracked the rise of the bull market since 2012 for his Bitcoin price target using an inverted parabolic curve. According to the chart available on CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin prices lifts to a maximum of $150,000 till its predicted bull market expiration date.

Exponential decay for BTC

Brandt warns that his analysis is not foolproof. He also says, there is a 25% probability that BTC has already taken account of this cycle.

“Should Bitcoin fail to make a decisive new ATH (all-time high) and decline below $55,000 I will raise the probability of the Exponential Decay.”

-Peter Brandt

According to Brandt, for BTC this exponential decay describes that after each successful bull market, there is an 80% loss of its exponential energy.

Even while writing this article, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading for $68,963 (CoinMarketCap).

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Peter Brandt predicts Bitcoin Price Rising to $150,000 by 2025 4

The current crypto market is undergoing a very strong bullish uptrend due to numerous factors such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) halving, BTC Spot ETFs, Ethereum Spot ETFs, other Altcoins Spot ETFs news in the pipeline.
  • The opening of BTC crypto exchange in Australia and Vietnam.

Investors however need to be vary of Euphoria of Bitcoin going bullish as crypto market are volatile by nature. One should do their own research or seek a financial advice before investing.

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