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PEPE Joins DOGE and SHIBA’s 7 Billion Market Cap

Popular frog meme coin PEPE price has exploded 135% in a month making it compete with SHIBA INU and DOGECOIN. Investors are buying and selling this memecoin in tons making it a good choice for investing in future.

PEPE Joins DOGE and SHIBA's 7 Billion Market Cap 2

Forget about boring investments, Pepe coin is on a roll! The price has exploded 135% in just a month and it’s worth 12 times more now than it was in January. This is the most popular meme coin out there, which has tons of people buying and selling it, and even big investors are taking notice. With the crypto market feeling good and a new kind of crypto investment getting approved, Pepe coin might be a great choice for the future.

Third Memecoin to Reach $7B Market Cap

The funny frog coin just hit a huge milestone, it’s now worth $7 billion. That’s a jump of $4 billion in just May. This makes it a super valuable meme coin, joining the ranks of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Pepe’s been on a hot streak, growing much faster than other meme coins and the entire crypto market.

It’s worth 12 times more now than it was at the beginning of the year! Everyone seems to want Pepe. Trading has been crazy busy, with almost $2.5 billion worth of Pepe changing hands in just a day.

A Whale Swallows Pepe?

Even big investors are jumping on the latest trend on investing in the memecoins. Someone with a ton of money (a whale) recently bought a massive amount of this frog memecoin and is already up 21% on that investment. This positive outlook matches the good feelings in the crypto world right now, especially since something called a “spot Ethereum ETF” just got approved. In the past, when the crypto market boomed, meme coins did well too, so some people are hoping for a repeat this year.

Measures to Measure, For the Investors

The number of people using this memecoin every day has jumped 17% in just a day, showing that people are getting excited about this frog coin. Investors are also feeling good about Pepe in the long run.

They’re buying and holding onto more Pepe than before. Right now, one coin costs $0.00001672, which is up 12% from yesterday.

However, the value of memecoins is largely based on speculation rather than concrete fundamentals. Future prices are unpredictable and highly susceptible to market sentiment. One should do their own research before investing.

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