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Pepe Coin Price Dips Significantly, Good Time to Buy?

Pepe Coin fell 32.6% flat recently with prices coming from $0.00001724 to $0.00001131. Investors smell a buying opportunity with $PEPE seeing an increase in active addresses and buying volume.

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Pepe Coin Price Dips Significantly, Good Time to Buy? 3

Pepe coins had a bloodbath (so to speak) as the popular meme coin fell on all fours, a huge 32.6% fall in prices. Pepe coin was at its peak of $0.00001724 enjoying a smooth bull run but it took a steep nose dive and fell to $0.00001131. $Pepe has, while writing this article, pulled itself to the convergence point of the $0.00001131 support level.

Investors are seeing this dip as a golden opportunity to buy $PEPE as this is similar to rising trend line support that has been retested several times in the last 2 months.

Pepe Coin: Right Time to Buy?

$PEPE is currently in the pullback phase of the market, an optimum position to make the next bull run. Investors are thus keenly using this opportunity to buy $Pepe.

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The popular meme coin has already risen from its support level to $0.0000122, a 3.17% increase in the last 24 hours and a 16.74% decrease in the last 7 days. There has been an increase in market cap as well, a 3.17% to $5.3 billion in the last 24 hours. The market volume, on the other hand, dropped by 35.8% to $860 million.

$Pepe active users and trade volume has risen significantly in the past few weeks. Investors are anticipating a bull run, evident from 200,000 active users in the last 24 hrs.

Pepe Coin Future

Pepe Coin is on its way to a bullish uptrend according to Santiment, a crypto analytics company. $Pepe’s daily on-chain transaction volume profit/loss ratio was predominantly profit-focused. This indicates an increased user activity and potential accumulation.

The PEPE/USDĀ chart further reveals the recent pullback is finding support along a rising trend line. This suggests that an uptrend will occur soon.

Pepe Coin’s current decline is a buying opportunity for investors as the $Pepe bull run will start soon!

Crypto markets are volatile by nature, investors should do their own research or seek financial guidance before investing.

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