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Pepe Coin Elon Musk Hidden Connection?

Pepe Coin Elon Musk isn’t many but a single word, they have a connection. Every time the trillionaire tech mogul tweets, Pepe Coin prices start their bullish uptrend. What is the relation between them?

pepe coin elon musk
Pepe Coin Elon Musk Hidden Connection? 2

Pepe Coin Elon Musk, a mysterious phrase? Pepe Coin and Elon Musk have a relationship. Surprised? Don’t be, the whole crypto community suspects it, whisper it crypto communities.

Elon Musk openly endorses DogeCoin (DOGE) in the crypto world. He is a vocal supporter of the first meme coin, one can say he is the godfather of the coin. He protects the coin, endorses, promotes, and nurtures it. This is why DOGE has risen stupendously since its listing on the crypto exchange.

What about Pepe Coin?

This frog theme meme coin also has Elon Musk’s sights on it. He regularly influences the Pepe Coin’s price through his enigmatic tweets.

Pepe Coin Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk has been posting on X about Pepe Coin regularly. The latest tweet is as follows:

This tweet of Elon Musk’s tweet pushed the prices of $PEPE by 54%. Interestingly, he didn’t comment on the $PEPE directly but netizens presumed he was supporting $PEPE.

This is just one of the many Pepe Coin Elon Musk connections. The billionaire is known for sending the crypto market in a tailspin with his silent or indirect actions. He is a master of Social Media Management.

Pepe Coin Elon Musk Strategy?

Elon Musk companies Space X, and Tesla own substantial amounts of digital assets. Both of them own Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is more evident with the billionaire’s keen interest in crypto coins. Apart from Bitcoin (BTC), he is focussing on Dogecoin (DOGE), and Pepe Coin ($PEPE).

He on numerous occasions also announced directly, or by being silent about accepting payments through crypto coins, particularly DOGE and BTC.

What could be the reason?

Crypto analysts point out that it is a ruse to dump and then pump the meme and BTC coins. By sending the prices down, buying or owning them beforehand, and hastily pushing up the prices through his antics such as payment acceptance announcements through his companies, or posting on X (formerly Twitter), Elon makes a killing on his investments, a key characteristic of a whale.

Whatever the reason, common crypto investor needs to be vigilant against whales’ behavior. Crypto markets are volatile by nature, one should do their own research or seek financial advice before trading in crypto coins on crypto exchanges.

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