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Green Light for Ethereum ETFs, SEC Approves?

US Securities and Exchange Commission might finally approve spot Ethereum ETFs, but there’s a catch.

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Green Light for Ethereum ETFs, SEC Approves? 2

The approval may exist without the staking feature, meaning investors won’t be able to earn interest on their Ethereum holdings through the ETFs.

Alex Thorn ( head of research at Galaxy Digital), believes the commission can Determine and greenlight ETH ETFs in the approval process soon.

If the boundaries between Ethereum and staked ETH get cleared then the SEC could approve spot ETFs disregarding its past actions, including investigation

Ethereum Signals A Significant Shift

The Commission is on the verge of approving Spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund. This decision can mark a significant shift in the regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies.

Analytics done by Bloomberg has shown the odds of approval to be 75%, indicating a strong possibility.

Crypto Regulation Gets Political

Under Biden’s administration, crypto has faced many regulatory actions.

The US government may approve 19B-4( a document that self-regulatory organizations (SROs) must file with the SEC) but at the same time, delaying the S1 Application ( comprehensive documents submitted to the Commission by companies planning to offer new securities to the public), which will let the agency delay the specific ETH ETFs.

Now, crypto has become a political debate between Democrats and Republicans.

Will Ethereum ETFs shape The Future?

Ethereum price jumps up to 8% following this the analysts reformed their prediction stating a tangible impact on the crypto market.

The first decision is expected by May 23. The investors are waiting eagerly for the deadlines as this approval will pave the way for wider acceptance of cryptocurrency with mainstream finance.

Crypto currency markets are volatile. The current bullish uptrend due to Ethereum ETF is going to pump Ethereum prices to all time high. Investors however need to do their own research before investing.

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