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FLOKI Memecoin Dominates, Reaches 417,400 Holders!

FLOKI memecoin has crossed 417,400 holders on the BNB chain by launching a telegram-based trading bot.

floki memecoin
FLOKI Memecoin Dominates, Reaches 417,400 Holders! 2

FLOKI became the biggest memecoin on the BNB blockchain after reaching 417,400 holders. It has a far bigger market cap and number of holders than every other BNB chain memecoin combined.

Floki launched a new Telegram-based trading bot

Floki developers gave benefits to holders to trade any token on the BNB blockchain. The new telegram-based trading bot charges a fee of 1%, with 50% of the fees used to buy FLOKI tokens.

The new trading bot is expected to come in handy for traders in mid-June. FLOKI memecoin also plans to develop this to Ethereum and Base blockchains.

The access of FLOKI memecoin on the BNB chain allows it to achieve the vision of becoming the world’s most known and used cryptocurrency.

FLOKI Memecoin in for a bull run similar to BTC?

According to CoinMarketCap, BTC prices have crossed $71k today.

This is one of the greatest bull runs of Bitcoin in recent months. This along with the successful launch of Bitcoin spot ETFs in Thailand and Australia has further increased BTC prices.

This happened after the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs earlier this month. Following this, the SEC also approved Ethereum ETFs. Talks of approval of Solana ETFs by the SEC are also in the pipeline.

Two crucial votes on the future of cryptocurrencies are happening in the US today.

Pepe memecoin is dynamic this year and BTC is also going above $71k. These are the several factors that have indirectly benefited Floki memecoin. Following this floki memecoin is in for a bull run in the market.

The upsurge of Floki is akin to the music to the investors. However, the crypto market is volatile in nature. One should oversight their market research before investing in cryptocurrency.

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