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Crypto Chooses Trump as President

Donald Trump has become the first crypto president for his pro-crypto policies in his presidential campaign.

Crypto Chooses Trump as President 2

Donald has become the first crypto president of America embarking a positive shift from his initial skepticism for Cryptocurrencies during his reign.

Chris Giancarlo, a government agent who handles financial markets, has claimed this situation to be a direct result of Donald’s administration’s allowance of Bitcoin futures contracts in 2017.

Trump Knows Crypto Potential

Donald’s Presidential reign began with allowing the regulated Bitcoin futures contracts in 2017, inspiring investors and building ‘goodwill’ among crypto enthusiasts.

This move associated with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) became a huge deal as it allowed cryptocurrencies to be acceptable in the financial market.

Donald’s feelings about cryptocurrencies are mixed. His first impression was negative and showed his insecurities towards Crypto, however, his recent reaction shows his positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies.

Donald has made cryptocurrency a part of US politics.

Trump Vs Biden on Crypto

Donald’s vision for bitcoin is conflicting directly with Biden’s administration. The SEC and CFTC don’t know who will decide what happens with cryptocurrencies.

Congress is failing to pass a solution, supported by all the crypto investors.

Cardano’s creator Charles Hoskins blames Biden for creating tough rules that make the crypto industry hard to trade. Opposing this Kyle Bligen from the Chamber of Progress has shown faith in Biden.

Crypto Community is in euphoria for Donald’s pro-crypto policies and certainly hoping for him to win.

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