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Bitcoin Price Explosion: Biden’s Landmark Crypto Vote?

U.S. lawmakers are on the brink of a landmark crypto vote essential for U.S. industries which will make BTC prices skyrocket.

Bitcoin price to soar
Bitcoin Price Explosion: Biden's Landmark Crypto Vote? 2

Bitcoin price has crossed over $69,000 as seen on coinmarketcap today. A remarkable 10% more gains from last week. BTC investors and the global crypto community are in for another major surprise! US Lawmakers are gathering for a crucial vote on crypto that can blow the Bitcoin price in the coming weeks.

Not only the BTC Prices, Ethereum, and XRP will also explode because of the crucial landmark vote.

Bitcoin Price: Mark Cuban Reason for Crypto Vote?

Mark Cuban, the Shark Tank BTC Billionaire is a vocal supporter of Joe Biden. He warned Biden about losing to Trump because of his anti-crypto policies. According to investors, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) chair Gary Gensler has failed to protect investors’ interests. SEC has made it nearly impossible for legitimate crypto companies to operate globally.

Cuban reminded the US government that crypto is a mainstay with younger and independent voters. It will swing the election in favor of Trump.

US elections are indirectly promoting the crypto bull run in 2024.

Bitcoin Price: US Industries Growth on Crypto Vote?

US lawmakers’ landmark crucial vote will directly affect the current US Industries boosting the country’s economy along with crypto markets.

Many crypto companies in the US are calling the vote crucial for US Industry’s growth. They are waiting for the vote to happen eagerly.

This game-changing vote is going to happen next week in Washington.

BTC, XRP, or ETH are set to explode soon, however, volatility is the nature of crypto markets. One should do their own research or seek financial advice before investing in crypto assets.

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