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6 Best Memecoins to Buy under $5

6 Best Memecoins to Buy under $5 2

Synopsis: The popularity of high-value cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has faded. Check out the top memecoins under $5 for massive gains in May.

Crypto markets provide a wide range of cryptocurrencies at varying prices, making them quite useful for new investors seeking for investment opportunities. Furthermore, diversifying the portfolio helps minimize losses when market circumstances are favorable.

In this regard, we explore the best buy memecoins under $5 that have the potential for long-term returns.


The meme coin market is buzzing with excitement as PEPE, a memecoin resembling the omnipresent frog meme, hits a new all-time high of $0.00001136. This comes after a whopping 21% increase in the previous 24 hours.

PEPE is presently selling at $0.00001136, although this statistic pales in contrast to the tremendous 325% growth in trade volume seen within the same period. This surge in trading activity has increased the daily volume to a whopping $3,785,458,552.

This is not a one-day hiccup. PEPE has been on a tear for weeks, up an incredible 105% in the last month. This positive tendency dates back much farther, with PEPE seeing comparable increases at the start of 2024.

Given its history of significant growth, several analysts consider PEPE a “perfect choice for investment in May.” It’s crucial to realize, too, that the cryptocurrency market is notoriously volatile and prone to wild fluctuations. While PEPE’s previous performance is impressive, potential investors should examine their risk tolerance before investing.


XRP, a well-known memecoin used to facilitate international payments, is now selling at about $0.49. This results in a total market value of $27.6 billion for all XRP in circulation.

Interestingly, several analysts expect that XRP will see a substantial price surge in the next days. Their positive forecast is predicated on the parallels between XRP’s current price behavior and that of its 2021 bull run. XRP’s value skyrocketed in 2021, and analysts believe that spotting similar characteristics in 2024 will allow them to forecast a similar conclusion.

It’s crucial to note that cryptocurrency markets are notoriously unpredictable, so take projections with a grain of salt. While historical performance might inform conjecture, it certainly does not guarantee future.


Dogwifhat, a meme coin based on the Solana blockchain, has recently gained popularity in the cryptocurrency community. Its popularity and worth have been steadily increasing, with a current price of approximately $2.90 and a market capitalization above $2.88 billion.

Dogwifhat’s trading volume is one of the primary drivers of its growth. The astounding 122% growth in just 24 hours indicates a considerable surge in demand for the cryptocurrency. This increase in investor interest is good news for those who currently own Dogwifhat, since it indicates the possibility of additional price increases.

Analysts are confident about Dogwifhat’s future, which adds to the positive feeling. Given its all-time high of $4.85, many expect a significant price increase in May, with a chance of exceeding the $10 mark.


Dogecoin, despite its image as a memecoin, has seen a significant increase in value.  This represents a stunning 128% rise from its current price of $0.1466 to more over $2 billion in daily trading volume. This rise is most likely driven by sustained interest from tech and financial aficionados like as Elon Musk.

 Analysts are even anticipating a new all-time high (ATH) for Dogecoin in May, which might beat the current record of $0.7376. However, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is inherently unpredictable, and future price projections cannot be guaranteed.


Core, although being less well-known than other memecoins, has showed hopeful signals of a possible increase in May. While its current price is $1.58, it had previously reached an all-time high of $6.47, indicating substantial growth potential.

In reality, there was a significant price increase at the end of March, reaching $3.773. Some analysts forecast a similar increase in May, as the crypto market continues to rebound.


Shiba Inu (SHIB), a popular meme coin, has yet to see any significant price gains in May. As of May 14th, it is trading at roughly $0.000023, reflecting some declines from earlier in the month. There have been no notable spikes.

 Similarly, daily trade volume has ranged about $1 billion, showing volatility but no significant rise in activity. While May is still early, SHIB’s price performance has not reflected the potential spike that analysts projected for lesser-known currencies such as CORE.

Memecoins Under $5: A Strategy for Volatile Markets?

There are several possibilities for memecoins under $5 that may be simply researched on crypto exchanges and websites. Investing in these undervalued memecoins is an appropriate strategy for dealing with market volatility and developing investment skills.

Before investing in any cryptocurrency, the investor should do a thorough technical analysis since the right time, crypto, and a variety of other elements are required to generate returns.

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